A multimodal approach to interior design.

Combining a keen understanding of how people connect with their spaces and 23 years of interior decorating experience in the Greater Denver Area.  JaniLyn approaches each assignment with a flexible and professional presence to help you bring balance and unity to your spaces; be it commercial Interiors, residential spaces, home remodels or pre-construction planning .



Interior Design Service


Leveraging the experience of a professional interior decorator improves your style exponentially. 

  • Design your space to be utilized in the most functional way.
  • Create a cohesive vision for your space based on your input and desires. 
  • Keep the project organized and on schedule.
  • Improve the value of your home.
  • we provide resources that would otherwise be unavailable to the public.
  • Insights on past, current and timeless trends.
  • Declutter your space from using a creative approach to help reorganize.
  • We bring years of experience to your project as a full service design company.
  • We offer design ideas that you may not have considered.
  • We are also certified "Sustainable Furnishings Consultants"
  • Choose the right color, fabric, texture and accessories the first time, narrowing down the vast number of options. 

interior Design Service Portfolio


Choose the right color the first time. 

With millions of choices, picking a color is tough.  Work with us to get it right the first time.


Utilizing JaniLyn for paint color selection on your commercial or residential project will save you time and money because you will love it the first time. No costly sampling and re-painting needed.



LED Lighting Specialist

Interior lighting is one of the most influential elements of your space.  JaniLyn's lighting design helps you to bring your home to the next level of refinement.  

LED lighting last for many years providing a smooth even glow with no hot spots. For your business, ask Janilyn about flat panel LED lighting to save on your energy bill. 


Client Comments


"Janet Miller with JaniLyn comes from an ever loving place. Janet uses her experience and an innate sense of one's being to create a holistic beauty that her clients can feel. Her healing designs come from a practical knowledge of interior design brought one step further to incorporate her command of feng shui and reiki."

Rebecca N.

We have been working with Janet for nearly one year. We are continually amazed at her ability to pull a room together. For us, the beginning of a project is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. However, Janet is able to find beautiful solutions that not only fit our lifestyle but make me feel like we never want to leave the house. Janet is conscientious and dependable. She also works extremely fast. There have been times when we fall in love with a fabric but have to go a different direction. A few days later, Janet is back with other options that never make us feel like we are settling for a second choice. In addition, Janet has worked just as hard in finding out what we don’t like as what we do…
…We could not be more pleased with Janet or her efforts. She is an incredible designer, works within the budget given to her and strives to please. Given the opportunity, we know Janet will succeed in making your project a beautiful one.
— Steve and Katherine Atkinson
We recently had the pleasure of working with Janet Miller in the design and construction of our home library project. Her roles included the design of a stone fireplace and mantle, coordination of subcontractors, selection of paints, fabrics, fixtures, window treatments and furniture. Janet’s creativity, expertise and professionalism resulted in an extraordinary finished product. Always pleasant and punctual, Janet was a real pleasure to work with.
— Jim and Stephanie Denton
Ogilvie Properties, Inc. Hired Janet miller In 2004 to assist with our lobby remodel and selection of paint colors for corridors and elevator areas at 1905 Sherman St. in Denver. After consulting with us and assessing the scope of services required, Janet came up with three color proposals for us to chose from, some carpet options as well as granite choices for the lobby. Janet’s design and selection process was effective and efficient, which saved us time and money. In addition, the work performed by Janet has been very well received by existing tenants as well as prospects.
— Ogilvie Properties, Inc.


JaniLyn uses her unique gifts to help one connect to the expressions of their higher self, through her paintings. These spirit paintings may help heal and give understanding through the use of color and images. The paintings validate the feeling a person is more than what's seen by the eye or felt by the body.

Each of the paintings tell a story.  What do you see today? With a new light, new angle, or new mindset, your painting will surprise you with something you haven't seen before as time goes by.

Spirit painting is the expression of ones higher self spoken through art.  To begin this sacred process you request your own spirit painting. By doing this, it is your permission to allow your higher self to connect with mine, to begin the painting process.  When the time feels right to begin work, by sitting in silence, I tune into our higher selves. I receive images, emotion, color and their impressions, as well as, where to place them on the paper. When the painting feels complete, the image is then mirrored. This means the painting is doubled and then the original is digitally flipped to reveal the beautiful story which is your spirit art.
— JaniLyn




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