JaniLyn uses her unique gifts to help one connect to the expressions of their higher self, through her paintings. These spirit paintings may help heal and give understanding through the use of color and images. The paintings validate the feeling a person is more than what's seen by the eye or felt by the body.

Each of the paintings tell a story.  What do you see today? With a new light, new angle, or new mindset, your painting will surprise you with something you haven't seen before as time goes by.

Spirit painting is the expression of ones higher self spoken through art.  To begin this sacred process you request your own spirit painting. By doing this, it is your permission to allow your higher self to connect with mine, to begin the painting process.  When the time feels right to begin work, by sitting in silence, I tune into our higher selves. I receive images, emotion, color and their impressions, as well as, where to place them on the paper. When the painting feels complete, the image is then mirrored. This means the painting is doubled and then the original is digitally flipped to reveal the beautiful story which is your spirit art.
— JaniLyn